The Care and Keeping of Your X5 Headlights

While there's no doubt you love being the owner of a BMW, you probably don't give much thought to the headlights until they're not working properly. The X5 headlights fit any X5 BMW models as well as some others. A headlamp is made up of a few components, and through BMW, you can get genuine headlamps and components for replacements and repairs. A headlamp basically consists of lights or light bulbs, the headlamp holder, the thick headlight cover, the wires that attach it to a power source and the wires that attach it to the controls inside the car so that the driver can operate it. Sometimes, headlamps stop working, and it could be because one or more of its parts malfunctions. In such cases, the goal is to find out if the entire headlamp needs to be fixed or replaced or just a part of it.

The Lights

BMW lights are led, and there are different types of lights in a headlamp; the regular lights, the bright lights and the turn signal lights. If a single light is out on either the right or left side of the front of the car, then chances are, it's just the light bulb that needs to be changed. When a set is out, then it's probably a more involved issue. By the way, when ordering a headlamp, you must specify whether you want it for the left or right side of your BMW.

Headlamp Cover

The headlamp cover is made of thick clear or colored glass or plastic. Often times, if there is a crash or collision, then this breaks. You may need to replace an entire headlamp because the headlamp holder, led lights and wires may have also sustained some damage.

Headlamp Switch

The switch controls all of the different lights in the headlamp. This is installed inside the car, usually to the left of the steering wheel, and is connected through wires to the headlamp. If it or the connecting wires are damaged, then it can also be replaced easily with a genuine BMW replacement headlamp switch.

Headlamp Plug

This connects the lights to the wires, and when you order one of these plugs, it will fit either the right or left headlamp.

Headlamp Screws

Chances are, if you have to replace your headlamp, then you will need new screws too. Again here, the screws work for both the right and left headlamps and components.

Headlamp Bulb

A headlamp bulb can be used interchangeably for the high beam, low beam, park lamp or long life bulb. However, there are different bulbs for the left inner and right inner sides of the headlamp.

Fog Lamp

This bulb can replace either the right or left fog lamp bulb on your BMW.

Headlamp Repair Kit

This is needed when the mounting bracket on your headlamp assembly is broken. It contains all of the bulbs and led lamps.

Cover Cap for Headlamp

This is a cap that covers the headlamp, and it's different from the glass or plastic outer headlamp cover and goes in a different place.


BMW’s genuine parts now include Xenon bulbs. These are more expensive but brighter; however, not immediately. The type of light that they give somehow gives the driver better visibility but can create too much of a glare for other drivers going the opposite direction. Once you turn them on, it takes a noticeable amount of time before they reach their full illumination. Also known as HID or high-intensity discharge bulbs, these could be harmful to your health because they contain mercury. A couple more pluses of xenon bulbs are that they have a longer life and use less energy.

Caring for Your X5 Headlights

You probably thought that a crash or collision was the only way your headlights could be damaged, but that's not the case. When you drive at incredibly fast speeds, dust, dirt and debris hit your headlight covers slowly creating a coating over them which decreases the amount of light they emit while at the same time damaging the factory coating on the headlamps. The sun also plays its part when its powerful rays dull the headlamp glass also making the lights dimmer. Luckily, this problem can be remedied by replacing just the headlamp covers or by treating them with a headlight restoration kit.

Headlight Restoration Kit

For a tiny fraction of what it would cost you to replace your headlamp cover, this kit can get your headlights shining bright again. All it takes is a little rubbing, sanding and coating on your part, and it only takes a few minutes. If you see that inside the headlamp there is grit or moisture, then you probably have a crack somewhere, and you will want to go with option one, replace your headlight cover, to have your headlights shining their brightest again.

Head Lamp Bulbs Burn Out Quickly

There are a few reasons why this may be happening...

1.Skin Comes Into Contact With Bulb

It could be that you are touching the bulbs with your fingers when replacing them. The natural oils from your fingers actually make these bulbs burn out in as little as two months. Wear latex gloves when handling new bulbs to avoid shortening their lifespan. If you do happen to touch a bulb, then simply apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball, and wipe it down.

2.Factory Defect

If your bulbs are not meeting the warranty time set by the manufacturer, then there could be a factory defect, and there may have even been a recall of such bulbs. Contact us, and we'll look into the problem.

3.Condensation or Water inside the Assembly

Any kind of moisture inside of the headlamp cover could cause the bulbs to blow out. Remove the cover, dry everything out, a hair dryer works well, and then put it back in place securely.

4.Loose Connection or Faulty Wiring

If your bulbs haven't been screwed down evenly, are loose or there is a problem with the wiring, then it could cause them to blow out. Likewise, if you drive on bumpy or uneven ground for an abnormally long amount of time, then this could also kill your lights.