There's more going on behind the scenes in your car's braking system than you may think. Simply pushing down on the brake engages a range of parts that all work in sync to ultimately get your car to come to a stop. These parts include brake pads, brake discs, pistons, rotors, shoes - and many other small components that ensure you're safe on the road. Noticing any difference with braking or hearing any weird noises is a sign that you should get the system checked out and parts replaced if need. The inability to bring your BMW to a complete stop when need arises can cause an accident. You can do visual checks of your brake system as well. You should be checking the width of the brake pads to make sure they are at least 1/4 of an inch thick and see that the rotors have no grooves or warping. Replace your faulty brake parts with original ones from our website below. Buying substandard or aftermarket parts is not a good idea as they are not as durable or efficient. Our BMW brakes come straight from the manufacturer and have been tested to ensure they are high quality.

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Brake Pads
Part Number: 34-11-7-852-969
Positions: Left Front, Right Front
Other Names: Front Pads, Repair Kit Brake Pads Asbes 348011 More Names
Description: X6. X5. 4.4l. Xdrive, with m model. 4wd, with performance brakes, with m model. More Info
  • BMW:
    • X5,
    • X6
Not For Sale
Not For Sale
Brake Rotor
Part Number: 34-11-6-792-219
Positions: Left, Right, Front
Other Names: Rotor, Brake Disc Ventilated 341040 More Names
Replaces: 34-11-6-774-875
Description: With xdrive, without m sport brake, 428i xDrive, 430i xDrive, without m sport pkg. 328i xDrive, 330i xDrive, without m sport brake.... More Info
  • BMW:
    • 228i,
    • 228i xDrive,
    • 230i,
    • 230i xDrive,
    • 320i,
    • 320i xDrive,
    • 328d,
    • 328d xDrive,
    • 328i,
    • 328i GT xDrive,
    • 328i xDrive,
    • 328xi,
    • 330e,
    • 330i,
    • 330i GT xDrive,
    • 330i xDrive,
    • 335i,
    • 335i xDrive,
    • 340i,
    • 340i xDrive,
    • 428i,
    • 428i Gran Coupe,
    • 428i xDrive,
    • 428i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 430i,
    • 430i Gran Coupe,
    • 430i xDrive,
    • 430i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 435i,
    • 435i xDrive,
    • 440i,
    • 440i xDrive,
    • ActiveHybrid 3,
    • M2,
    • M235i,
    • M235i xDrive,
    • M240i,
    • M240i xDrive,
    • M3,
    • M4
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