Genuine BMW Z4 Parts Online

Like its Z3 predecessor, the BMW Z4 was an instant hit that's only gotten better with age. This flashy roadster packs anywhere from a 2.0L I4 to a 3.2L I6 engine that's paired with either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission for superior performance. When you factor in its sleek styling, it's no surprise that the Z4 is a fan favorite.

Common Issues with BMW Z4

When it's firing on all cylinders, the Z4 is a dream to drive. However, it does have its own set of reliability issues. According to, the most common problems plaguing the Z4 include:

1. Valve cover gasket leaks after 60K or so.

2. Fuel pump issues due to vapor lock.

3. Rough rides from sub-par control arm bracket bushings.

Why Buy Genuine BMW Z4 Parts?

Considering the precision nature of a car like the Z4, it should come as no surprise that this car needs OEM parts to thrive. Genuine Z4 parts deliver:

  • Better performance than aftermarket parts.

  • Longer life than third-party gear at the same price.

  • Greater ease of installation than "compatible" generic parts

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