Genuine BMW X3 Parts Online

If you love the performance of an M3 but want a bit more versatility in your vehicle, the BMW X3 is the car for you. Its powerful I4 and I6 engines paired with manual and automatic 6-speed transmissions make for a fun driving experience. What's more, the X3 is one of the safest luxury people-movers around.

Common Issues with the BMW X3

Thanks to its BMW engineering pedigree, the X3 doesn't have many flaws when it comes to reliability. If you do experience a problem, it's more than likely that it'll be one of the following:

1. Oil leaking from the valve cover gasket.

2. A faulty sunroof visor.

3. An A/C system that fails prematurely.

Why Buy Genuine BMW X3 Parts?

If you want to keep your BMW X3 in the best shape, using only OEM BMW parts is a must. Genuine BMW parts have many compelling advantages over aftermarket gear such as:

1. Peace of mind thanks to rock-solid warranties.

2. Better performance over the long haul.

3. Significant savings on repairs due to reduced service shop visits.

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When your X3 is in need of some TLC, the team at is only a mouse click or a phone call away. We stock the best OEM X3 brake rotors, radiators and A/C condensers you'll find online. With our acclaimed parts picker by your side, finding the perfect parts for your X3 is a piece of cake.