One of the most beloved performance luxury vehicles of all time, the BMW M3 has been a fan favorite since 1985. Despite some style changes over the years, the M3 has remained one of the most exciting BMWs to drive. Using OEM parts to maintain an M3 is always clutch.

For one thing, real OEM M3 parts allow drivers to get the most from their vehicles in the performance department. If you want to achieve the best 0-60 mph times and the shortest braking distances, only OEM BMW parts should be used. Most aftermarket parts have a sketchier performance reputation.

Furthermore, OEM BMW M3 parts are a must if you care about reliability in the field. Genuine BMW parts are practically indestructible and tend to last forever under ordinary circumstances. By using only OEM parts, you're greatly reducing the odds that you'll end up broken down by the side of the road.

Finally, bona fide OEM M3 parts will save you money over the long haul in a number of ways. Since they last longer, real M3 parts actually cost you less when you factor in their longevity. Additionally, fewer tows and visits to the local BMW mechanic means more money in your pocket.

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