BMW 128i

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Like practically every other BMW in existence, the 128i has been an instant classic since its debut in 2004. Equipped with a 3.0L straight-6 capable of 230 hp, the 128i is a beast on the road in any terrain. Thanks to a comfortable and roomy interior, it's also the perfect luxury sedan for a growing family.

Common Issues with the BMW 128i

For the most part, the 128i is a well-built vehicle that's largely free of manufacturing defects and engineering oversights. Regardless, a few common problems that you may encounter include:

1. Rear reflectors that crack easily.

2. Sway bar bushings that result in a harsh ride.

3. Intermittent appearances of the ABS warning light for no reason.

Why Buy Genuine BMW 128i Parts?

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, BMWs in general need genuine OEM parts to deliver the best ownership experience possible. Real BMW 128i parts have a number of major selling points like:

1. Longer life due to better construction and quality assurance.

2. Less confusion when finding the right part for a repair.

3. Ease of installation compared to aftermarket parts.

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